We’re in this business to make the lives of city dwellers better, not risk them.

So at the forefront of everything we think and do is a focus on safety.

For us, safety is more than ensuring a rider has a functioning vehicle that meets safety requirements. Those are just table stakes.

We work hard to ensure every Beam user is always mindful of the riding environment, operates their vehicle under control at all times, and uses a city’s shared spaces according to the letter and the spirit of the rules. We are relentless in using a combination of hardware, software, and real world education to pursue those ends.

And because safety is a shared responsibility, and e-scooters are a relatively new phenomenon, we work with cities to help them evolve safety regulations and create infrastructure that is fit for this new technology.

Together, we can make e-scooters one of the safest forms of transport around.

A Safe Trip With Beam

Keep Your Beam Under Control
  • Wear a helmet - it will dramatically decrease your chances of serious injury
  • Beams are made for two hands - keep both hands on the handlebars at all times
  • And they’re only made for one rider - find another scooter for your friend to ride
  • Drugs and alcohol don’t mix with Beam - ride safe and sober
Adjust to The Riding Environment
  • Keep an eye out for cars, people, pets, purple aliens and everything else when you ride
  • No need for top speed - accelerate with caution and be aware of your surroundings
  • Look and listen - if you see it and you hear it you can be prepared for it
Share The Space
  • Follow the rules of the road - laws are in place to keep you safe
  • Beams play well with others - always give way to pedestrians
  • Go with the flow of other street users and pace your Beam accordingly