At the forefront of Beam’s vision to change the way people move is the fundamental belief that every trip must have a focus on safety.  For us, safety is more than ensuring a rider has a functioning vehicle that meets safety requirements.

A safe Beam ride means that we work to ensure every person using a Beam considers the environment, operates their vehicle under control and utilizes shared space within the rules.

Safety also must come from collaboration - Beam will work with cities to implement smart safety regulations and support the creation of infrastructure that promotes and enhances transportation options for electric vehicles.

A Safe Trip With Beam

Beam Under Control
  • Wear helmets - it's the best way to contribute to a safe ride
  • Look Ma two hands - she wants you to arrive safe so keep both hands on your Beam
  • Drugs and alcohol don't mix with Beam - ride safe and sober
  • A Beam trip is a solo one - find another scooter for your friend to ride
Consider The Environment
  • Look out for cars, people, pets, unicorns and everything else while you ride a Beam
  • No need for Top Speed - accelerate with caution and be aware of your surroundings
  • Look and listen - if you see it and you hear it you can be prepared for it
Share The Space
  • Follow the rules of the road - laws are in place to keep you safe
  • Beams play well with others - share the roadway
  • Go with the flow and pace your Beam accordingly