Careers at Beam

You're talented. You're energetic. You're ambitious. There are lots of interesting jobs out there. So why should you consider Beam?

Because we're on a simple mission that is grand in ambition but practical in reality.

How we move between where we live, work and play has a huge impact on our quality of life - on your own quality of life - but too many of our cities are grinding to a halt.

And a city that isn’t flowing isn’t thriving.

We think we can help. We think you can help.

We are building a world-class team from across the Asia Pacific region and beyond, that has the passion, the expertise and the local experience to pioneer new ways to get around that are fit for this century, not the last one. Ways that are not only fun, easy-to-use, and affordable, but are kinder to the planet.

We're a unique business - powered by the most advanced technology the digital world can offer, whilst rooted in the real world behaviour of real people in real cities. That means you will be able to see the positive impact of your work every day. It will glide pass you on the street every minute.

Come join us on the journey.

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Cultural Values

What Makes us Beam?

Positive Impact

We fundamentally believe that things we do should impact the world in a way that leaves it better off.  This means we care about all of our relationships, with customers, employees, and also cities / society.

Be an Owner

Whether we’re working on a small task or running a business, thinking like an owner helps us see the bigger picture, make better decisions and solve difficult problems.

Let Builders Build

We encourage people to experiment and execute their ideas. We empower everyone to share their ideas, and do what it takes to see them come to life.

Always Adapting

We are constantly raising the bar to be the ones that shape the future. We believe that as individuals and as a company we must constantly strive to improve ourselves, not be complacent, and fast forward to the future. We also believe that feedback is a key part of the learning process.

Optimistic Perseverance

We are optimistic in the face of tough challenges. There are always going to be problems that we face that have never been solved before.  We believe every problem is solvable, and we aren’t afraid think outside the box.

All Ideas Matter

The best ideas come from the most informed people, and usually that means the people closest to the ground. We believe in building a culture where people feel comfortable no matter what their job title is.

We're All In

We're growing really fast and want our people to grow fast with us. Nature hates a vacuum and so do we. Talent is given the option to rise quickly whenever new responsibilities are created.

We are a tight team so we move together and no-one gets left behind. You will constantly rub shoulders and share thoughts with a multitude of experts in disciplines other than your own. They will learn from you, and you from them.


The pace we work at is intense at times, and we'd be lying if we said we always knew how things are going to work out. We back ourselves to face into the inevitable ambiguity of building a company in a new industry, and trust in our ability to work through every challenge together.

We know that the combination of everyone's particular talents and experiences will get us to the best place possible. And that it's a whole load more fun that way.

Happy teams
make better things.

So we take great care to treat each other well and ensure we have a culture that brings the best out in people, not draws out the worst.

Unlimited Vacation
If you're the right person to joint the Beam team, you will love your job. But there are some other people in your life that deserve your love more than we do. Unlimited vacation means that you are always there for them, and they can be there for you.
Health and Wellness
Health is of utmost importance so we have comprehensive health insurance plans for you and your family.
Competitive Compensation
We will all create the success of this company together, so we should all share in that success. For all team members we offer stock options, stipends for nightly meals, and free Beam ride credits.
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