We are Beam.

We are APAC’s leading micromobility company.
We’re on a mission to turn little drives into better rides, and make cities flow better for everyone.

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Meet the Beam Saturn.

Our new Generation 3 scooter is custom-built for sharing, and designed for safety, reliability and durability.

With an innovative aviation-grade aluminium frame, 10-inch tubeless safety tyres, high grip rear-wheel drive and a dual mechanical and electronic braking system, it’s the best ride yet.

Beam speed
Don't be the traffic
For every journey taken on a Beam rather than in a car, the better our cities will flow again.
Beam Environmentally Friendly
Go on missions without emissions
With no exhaust fumes, every Beam ride is helping to improve the air quality in our cities.
Beam Affordable
For all. Not just the few.
Beam rides are priced for everyone to enjoy. No deposit and no hipster beard required either.

Safer In Every Way

Even the safest scooter requires a safer rider. The Beam Safe Academy is APAC’s leading e-scooter safety education scheme. We are the only operator with a real-world e-scooter training program run by professionally qualified trainers, and were the first operator to include personal accident insurance with every ride.

Where You Can Find Us

South Korea
New Zealand

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