Targeting work travel with Beam for Business

Targeting work travel with Beam for Business

The introduction of shared micromobility has transformed communities in Australian cities and regions by providing a new affordable, accessible and cost-effective mode of public transport. Whether it’s visitors or locals, shared micromobility now plays an important role in a city’s transport mix, moving people for both work and leisure, complementing traditional means of getting around. 

We see shared micromobility supporting more and more Australians through increasing accessibility and specifically targeting movement gaps - those short trips under 5kms that are currently being taken by a car. An area in which shared micromobility can make a difference is in work travel.

With businesses looking to entice their workers back to the office, and also seeking to meet sustainability and ESG targets, Beam has looked to target businesses looking to do work travel differently. 

With the all-new ‘Beam for Business’ program, businesses signing up can offer their employees free Beam travel via dedicated business profiles on the Beam app, valid on Beam’s purple e-scooters and e-bikes. Employees can flick between personal and business… but when it’s business, work pays. 

To activate, each eligible employee will be issued a unique activation code to create their Beam for Business profile, tied to their organisation. Scanning on and starting a Beam trip from their business profile will allow rider trips to be fully paid for by their organisation.  

The feature is designed to allow businesses to harness shared e-scooters and e-bikes and make micromobility part of their transport solution. 

Beam Head of Business Development (ANZ) Adam Rossetto said the ‘Beam for Business’ program is designed to provide an alternative to cars for short trips such as running to a meeting or heading out for lunch. 

“We see Beam for Business forming part of the arsenal of a business helping their workers get to and from work, as well as around town during the day for meetings and work commitments, all whilst being environmentally friendly. 
“As part of the Beam for Business program, we assist companies in tracking how far their employees have travelled on our Certified Climate Neutral e-scooters, supporting them in their carbon emissions reduction plans.” 

South Australian planning firm URPS
is one early adopter of this new initiative. URPS Managing Director, Matthew King, said while flexibility remained important, it was critical for businesses to be constantly innovating to ensure a strong, workplace culture.

“The challenge for us, as business leaders, is to keep coming up with new and inventive ways to make being in the office cool again.”
“Our SA-first collaboration with Beam is another part of that overall effort.
“It’s a practical way that we can do our part to help our staff reduce some of their transport costs, where possible, while at the same time supporting the city and the environment.” 

Beam for Business seeks to be attractive to businesses looking for new ‘perks’ to retain and attract workers, particularly those committed to social and environmental impact reduction.

Find out more about Beam for Business here.

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