Beam credited with positive economic and social impact for Tasmania’s Blueline Laundry

Beam credited with positive economic and social impact for Tasmania’s Blueline Laundry

Many see e-scooters as just a fun way for people, especially tourists, to get around cities and towns while visiting on holiday. And they are. But there is also a much more impactful contribution shared mobility is providing as evidenced by Tasmanian commercial laundry operator Blueline Laundry. 

Its CEO Mike Sylvester says e-scooters have had an amazing economic and social impact on his business because of the benefit to many of his 240-strong workforce.

“We are a 130-year-old registered charity with the purpose of creating meaningful employment for people with diverse abilities, cultures and backgrounds. 35% of our workforce have a disability and 35% are migrants and most of our workers don’t have cars,” Mike said.


“So what e-scooters have done in both of our operating centres in Kings Meadows in Launceston and New Town in Hobart is to improve accessibility for these workers to meaningful employment that they would otherwise struggle to get to. 


“They do the first mile/last mile on e-scooters and use public transport for the middle part depending on where they live. It really is a significant game changer. It levels the playing field.”


Blueline Laundry is a major player in Tasmania in commercial and linen laundry services, processing 200 tonnes of linen each week for over 500 customers, mostly in the health and hospitality sectors. Besides the economic benefit the e-scooters provide, Mike Sylvester says there is a social impact as well.


“We may take it for granted, but our purpose as a business and as a community is to support people to get to and from meaningful work as something that should be a right for all people, regardless of their abilities or backgrounds.”

E-scooters have changed employee’s work attendance rates and punctuality, particularly in the winter months, and added to their health, well-being and sense of independence. They enjoy coming to work.

“Improved ease of mobility offers greater independence and social equality to so many of our staff. We are thoroughly supportive of shared e-scooters being made a permanent fixture in Tasmania.”


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