Top e-scooter destinations revealed, as e-scooter operations expand to Tuggeranong

Top e-scooter destinations revealed, as e-scooter operations expand to Tuggeranong
  • 180,000 kilograms of carbon emissions saved by Canberra riders in 2022, with over 1 million kilometres ridden 
  • Beam riders’ top trip routes in 2022 revealed
  • Beam to trial tactile signage on e-scooters in Canberra

[8 December 2022] Leading micromobility company Beam has revealed that at least 180,000 kilograms of carbon emissions has been saved by Canberra riders in 2022, with over 1 million kilometres ridden on a Beam in the past year in Canberra.

Data from Beam’s Australian rider surveys shows that approximately 50% of trips on an e-scooter would have otherwise been made with a car, showing the impact of e-scooters in Canberra has had on travel patterns. 

Beam’s services will expand to Tuggeranong from Saturday, with the company launching a trial of tactile signage in Canberra this week to allow those who are blind, deafblind or have low vision to better identify e-scooters and report issues such as badly parked e-scooters. 

A number of e-scooters in Canberra will have the tactile signage installed, with learnings from the trial to power a wider regional roll-out in 2023. 

2022 Trip Trends 

The average rider in Canberra rides for 11 minutes, with data showing riders are choosing e-scooters over cars especially when faced with shorter trips 5 kms and under, which make up approximately 90% of e-scooter trips in Canberra. 

Post-work e-scooter commutes are common, with peak trip times during the week spanning from 3pm - 6pm on Monday through to Thursday, and 5pm - 9pm on Friday evenings. 

On the weekends, e-scooters are most popular on Saturday nights from 3pm to 10pm, and Sundays from 11am to 4pm. 

Top Beam E-Scooter Routes Revealed

  1. Garema Place to Londsdale Street
  2. Regatta Point to Kingston Foreshore, via Lake Burley Griffin
  3. University Avenue to London Circuit
  4. Australian National University to Dickson shops via the C6 cycle path
  5. Woden Westfields, via Bradley Street

Beam’s Canberra Operations Manager Ned Dale, said: 

“In 2022, the data continues to show that Canberra residents are relying on e-scooters even more, especially as we open up e-scooter access to new areas. 
“The majority of trips on a Beam in Canberra are under 5 kilometres, we’re seeing the shorter car trips that people used to make in their car - whether a quick duck into the shops, or to grab a coffee - are transferring over to e-scooters, which shows the benefits of shared e-scooters in enabling residents to make a zero-emissions transport choice.
“Ahead of our expansion into Tuggeranong, we have commenced a trial of tactile signage on our e-scooters to support pedestrians, especially those with blind or low vision, to report badly parked scooters. This is part of our commitment to continue to support all members of the local community as we expand. 
 “We are also increasing the number of Beam Safety Ambassadors - team members who enforce riding rules - on the streets, keeping a particular eye out on offenses like dangerous riding around pedestrians and bad parking.”

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