Beam Launches in Miri, first in East Malaysia

Beam Launches in Miri, first in East Malaysia

MIRI, 18 AUGUST 2023 - Beam Mobility, the leading micro mobility operator in Asia Pacific, has entered a partnership with Miri City Council to provide shared e-scooter services across the seaside city. This occasion marks an inaugural event for East Malaysia as it is the first time such services had been provided by any city council. The partnership is in direct action from Miri City Council’s weeks-long Transformation Lab initiative to make Miri City the Green, Smart and Most Liveable Resort City by 2030. 

Beam’s mission is simple: to turn little drives into better rides and make cities flow better for everyone. Beam e-scooters fill a long-time gap in our public transportation system by connecting people to transit points, popular destinations, and hotspots without the need to drive your own car. Tourist cities in Malaysia, as well as in Beam’s other markets across the Asia Pacific region, have seen the economical benefits of having e-scooters as a service available to both locals and tourists.

100 purple shared e-scooters will be deployed at various locations across Miri City and are available for hire from today onwards. Through the Beam mobile app, users can locate e-scooter parking spots easily and can start their trip with a simple QR code scan. Payment will be made digitally through the app, as well as important messages on safe riding etiquette.

The introduction of Beam’s e-scooters in Miri City will provide a smart and eco-friendly transportation option for residents and tourists to explore places unique to Miri City. 

“This is a momentous day for both parties, and we are thrilled that Miri is the first city in East Malaysia to have e-scooter services. Oftentimes, EV ownership can seem expensive and cumbersome. Partnering an operator, like Beam, offers great affordability and much reduced hassle of charging and maintaining an EV for riders”, said Justin Tiew, General Manager at Beam. 

Beam will be showcasing the Miri City Street Parade on 19 August 2023, to celebrate Sarawak State’s 60th anniversary and to support Sarawak’s ambitious target of net-zero emissions by 2050 and reduced CO2 emissions by 600,000 tonnes per year through providing alternative transportation that are fully electric. Beam has been operating in 8 cities and 18 universities across the country, including UNIMAS and UiTM Sarawak. 

“We look forward to working hand-in-hand with other city councils and partners in other parts of Sarawak. We wish to provide our services to Kuching, Sibu and Bintulu and welcome government collaboration to make cities in Sarawak greener, livelier and more sustainable whilst embracing new technologies that will largely contribute to these goals” Justin added. 

Beam e-scooters may be small, but are equipped with the best technology and hardware in the industry. Underneath a Beam e-scooter’s sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum chassis hides an efficient electric powertrain and a high-grade IoT communications device that works to ensure its riders’ safety and responsible operation. This enables features such as Beam’s proprietary virtual parking technology, which encourages proper use and return of e-scooters, while its speed-limiting technology (capped at 25km/h) keeps users from going too fast – even when riding downhill. Using 24-hour geofencing technology, the company ensures its e-scooter riders stay within designated areas approved by local councils. This ensures the safety of the riders, pedestrians, and other vehicles, while giving Beam the ability to identify inappropriate usage or placement of its vehicles so that it can be resolved immediately. Lastly, all of Beam’s e-scooters are equipped with batteries that are certified to the highest industry standards of fire and water safety as well.

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