Beam launches e-scooter and e-bike safety campaign, as e-bikes roll out in Wellington

Beam launches e-scooter and e-bike safety campaign, as e-bikes roll out in Wellington
  • Purple e-bikes will be introduced to Wellington from tomorrow
  • Beam has launched a safety campaign for both e-scooters and e-bikes

[21 February 2022] Global micromobility company Beam will unveil its purple ‘Apollo’ e-bike on the streets of Wellington from tomorrow, as the city’s e-bike trial commences. 

The e-bikes join Beam’s e-scooters, which have travelled over 1.4 million kilometres collectively in Wellington to date, saving the city over 240,000 kilograms of CO2 emissions. 

Latest research from Beam reveals that 40% of Beam riders are more likely to consider public transport as an option for long journeys, over cars or ridesharing, if they have the option to rely on e-scooters and e-bikes for first and last mile transport. 

“Our data on riding patterns around Wellington shows a strong reliance on e-scooters for first mile and last mile travel, with the Wellington Train Station as the city’s top e-scooter pick-up and parking spot,”

says Beam’s Wellington Operations Lead, Jackson Jebaselvan.   

“We anticipate trips starting and ending at the station to increase even further with the introduction of e-bikes, with data from our other cities’ operations showing that e-bikes are popular amongst work and study commuters in particular. 
“We see riders riding for longer on an e-bike, as compared to an e-scooter, and look forward to providing a viable option for those living and working within Beam’s operational area to leave their cars at home and hop on an e-bike instead.” 

Beam has launched a safety campaign on the streets of Wellington to educate riders on their newest mode of transport. 

“This is especially important, as the riding rules differ slightly from what riders would be used to with e-scooters,” says Jebaselvan. 
“Riders must stick to the roads and bike paths whilst on an e-bike, and they must wear a helmet.
“We will work closely with the local police to enforce the riding rules.  

Beam will host a free real-world training course at Waitangi Stream Promenade on Saturday 25 February from 12pm - 3pm to teach visitors and locals e-scooter and e-bike safety.

The ‘Beam Safe Academy’ incorporates a briefing guide for new riders, an interactive safety quiz and a free training course for riders to test out their riding skills in a supportive environment.

It forms part of Beam’s major safety education and enforcement program, aimed at educating riders on local riding rules and safe handling of e-scooters and e-bikes.

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