Beam Expands to Langkawi, Kedah

Beam Expands to Langkawi, Kedah
  • Beam deploys fleet at Pantai Cenang
  • Beam is a Low Carbon City initiative implementation partner on the island's busiest location Pantai Chenang with support from the Langkawi Tourism Association
  • Langkawi received 3.9mil tourists in 2019 pre-COVID. In H1 2022, they received 890k tourists. In 2023, their target is 2.5 million.

[01 February 2023] Beam Mobility, a shared micromobility transportation service, is proud to announce the launch of its e-scooters in Langkawi. Beginning today, residents and tourists of Langkawi can now rent Beam e-scooters to explore the island’s busiest location - Pantai Cenang.

Langkawi is known to be Malaysia’s must-visit island, where tourists can enjoy great food, excellent diving opportunities, exciting nightlife, picturesque beaches, and duty-free shopping. The island recorded 860,000 tourists in the first half of 2022. With an abundance of attractions, Beam Mobility saw the opportunity to ease the day-to-day movement of tourists by introducing low-carbon emission vehicles and giving them a new way to explore Langkawi.

The e-scooters, which are eco-friendly and easy to use, will provide a convenient and sustainable way for people to move around the island. With a range of up to 50km on a single charge and a top speed of 25 km/h, the e-scooters are perfect for getting around the island and discovering its many attractions.

The deployment of our e-scooters was made possible through extensive discussions and close partnerships with government stakeholders such as the Ministry of Tourism, District & Land Department, Tourism Association, Hotel Association, and more others who share our goal of promoting low-carbon transportation on the island.

"We are thrilled to launch our e-scooters in Langkawi and to offer a sustainable transportation option for residents and tourists,"

said Justin Tiew, General Manager of Beam Mobility Malaysia.

"We hope that our e-scooters will enhance the tourism experience in Langkawi by providing a convenient and eco-friendly option for visitors to explore the island, and in turn reduce the dependence on high carbon emission transportation."

added Justin.

While addressing environmental concerns is a top priority, Beam Mobility's deployment in Langkawi also creates job opportunities for locals to maintain and service the e-scooters on the island. They’re the backbone of the operation to ensure all e-scooters are neatly arranged in the streets, fully charged, and well-maintained for the safety of the riders.

“Safety is always a top concern when it comes to shared e-scooters, and we are committed to ensuring that our fleet is well-maintained and safe for riders. On an operational level, we have a dedicated team that works tirelessly to keep a close eye on the fleet's health. We hire Rangers and Marshals who are based on the ground to take care of the e-scooters, and make sure they are in good condition at all times,"

said Yee Teck Hing, Operations Manager of Beam Mobility Malaysia.

The introduction of e-scooters to Langkawi is a significant step towards the island’s environmental status. Beam Mobility is excited to see the impact that the use of e-scooters will have on reducing the use of high carbon emission vehicles and boosting tourism. This initiative not only helps in preserving the natural beauty of the island but also provides an easy and sustainable mode of transportation for the locals and tourists. We are committed to playing our part in making Langkawi a more sustainable destination.

Beam in Langkawi

  • Partnership for Low Carbon: Beam is the island’s electric micromobility partner and part of the city’s Low Carbon City Action Plan.
  • Personal Accident Insurance: Every rider will be covered by Beam’s personal accident insurance.
  • Virtual Docking: Fixed ‘virtual’ parking docks will be seen within the app, with riders directed to appropriate parking spots through a combination of guidance, incentives, and disincentives.
  • Beam Safe Academy: The Beam Safe Academy is a safety program that incorporates an interactive safety quiz and a launch briefing guide for new users. Riders are to complete the in-app safety quiz as our means of self-training on safe-riding etiquette.

We love working together with local partners who see a potential use of Beam in your area or local community. For partnership opportunities, connect with Beam at

Regardless of whether it is to get to work or to play, riders can find the closest Beam e-scooter near you by downloading the app via the Apple Store or Google Play Store!

For more information, stay tuned to Beam Malaysia’s official Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok channels.

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