Beam doubles number of purple e-scooters in Cairns

Beam doubles number of purple e-scooters in Cairns
  • Beam will introduce 200 additional e-scooters to Cairns
  • Over 10 additional Parking Hubs offer greater flexibility over e-scooter travel across Cairns

[21 March 2023] Australia’s largest shared micromobility company, Beam, will bring 200 additional purple e-scooters to Cairns this week, having activated a further 10 parking hubs over the past three months of Beam’s operations.

Beam now partners with over 30 businesses across Cairns, with e-scooters parked at partner business locations for riders to use, with fixed ‘virtual docking’ technology requiring the rider to end their trip at a partner business location identified within the Beam app.

Over 60,000 kilometres have been travelled by Cairns riders in the past three months of shared micromobility being available across the city, with Beam data revealing that riders ride for twice as long in Cairns as they do elsewhere in Australia.

The average trip length on a Beam is 10 minutes, but riders in Cairns are riding for longer and going further, with the average trip length at 20 minutes in the tropical city.

Whilst leisure travellers make up 65% of Beam riders in Cairns, data shows that the e-scooters are also serving local residents, with 22% of riders utilising shared e-scooters to get to and from work or business activity.

33% of riders reported that they would have driven in a car if the e-scooters were not available, showing the growing potential for modal shift from cars to Beam’s climate neutral e-scooters.

Significantly, Beam’s latest rider research in Cairns showed the potential for shared micromobility to enhance the visitor experience in Cairns:

  • 81% of riders said having access to a Beam Parking Hub at their hotel would influence their decision to stay there in the future
  • 86% of riders identifying as visitors to the city said having access to Beam scooters enhanced their experience of Cairns
  • 76% of riders identifying as visitors to the city said having access to Beam’s e-scooters in Cairns increased their interest in travelling to areas or destinations that they ordinarily would not have visited

Beam’s General Manager (ANZ) Tom Cooper, said:

"We're really pleased with the first three months of shared micromobility being available in Cairns, and with how the community has embraced this new mode of transport.
“Over the past three months, we have added over 10 new Parking Hubs across the city, giving the local and visitor community more flexibility over their travel.
“The data from our first three months of Cairns operations shows that access to shared e-scooters not only brings economic benefits to our partner businesses, but also to the wider local business community, with riders able to see more and experience more of Cairns.
“As we continue to expand our operations across Cairns, we'll be looking to expand on the number of parking spots available throughout the city, providing greater freedom and flexibility for shared e-scooter use, and allow for greater chances of modal shift away from cars.”

YHA Cairns Central Manager Sam Eastham, said:

“For the last 3 months we have had the Beam mobility e-scooters at our property.
“It has been great to provide some affordable, fun and eco-friendly transport for our guests and our staff to make the most of the beautiful setting we have here in Cairns.”

Pacific Hotel Cairns General Manager Sheena Matthews, said:

“Pacific Hotel Cairns’ guests have loved the freedom and flexibility that Beam e-scooters provide, with many using the service to explore the wonderful sites that Cairns has to offer.
“This includes areas like the Botanic Gardens, which has traditionally been difficult to access without a motor vehicle.”

Beam’s flagship rider education and enforcement program, the Beam Safe Academy, is in place 24/7, including:

  • A pre-trip in-app safety briefing for every rider, featuring instructions on how to park and ride safely
  • An in-app Beam Safety Quiz educating riders on the riding rules, with free credits offered to encourage rider education
  • Half Beam mode for new riders, featuring reduced acceleration for novice riders’ early trips

A three-strikes policy, with riders facing suspension for bad riding and parking offences. Those caught riding dangerously or breaking the law face permanent bans.

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