Beam commences operations in Darwin, steps up city’s e-scooter education and enforcement

Beam commences operations in Darwin, steps up city’s e-scooter education and enforcement
  • ‘Summer Smart’ rider safety campaign to focus on five key riding rules
  • In-app drink riding deterrence test will be live on Friday and Saturday nights
  • Darwin to see step up in e-scooter enforcement: 3-strikes policy to see riders given warnings and bans

[30 November 2023] Australia’s largest shared micromobility operator, Beam, will bring its latest model Saturn 5 e-scooters to Darwin today, deploying up to 750 safety-first purple e-scooters, e-bikes and seated e-scooters. 

The app-based service features affordable pay-as-you-go rates based on a $1 unlock fee and per minute rate from 39 cents. But to incentivise commuter use during weekdays, Beam will waive the unlock fee for trips between 7am - 12pm (M-F), with trips costing just 39 cents per minute. 

3 day, 7 day and 30 day ride subscriptions will be available for purchase, with concession rates available via Beam’s concession pricing program, ‘Beam for All’. 

Beam’s ‘Beam Safe Academy’, the company’s flagship safety education and enforcement program, will be in place at all times to educate riders on local riding rules and safe handling of e-scooters. The program includes:

  • A pre-trip in-app safety briefing for every rider, featuring instructions on how to park and ride safely
  • An in-app Beam Safety Quiz with free credits offered to encourage rider education
  • Beam Safety Ambassadors patrolling high-traffic areas, promoting safe riding and parking 
  • A three-strikes policy, with riders facing suspension for bad riding and parking offences. Those caught riding dangerously or breaking the law face permanent bans. 

In addition, Beam’s annual safety campaign ‘Summer Smart’ will today be launched in Darwin, with the digital and in-app campaign focusing on reminding riders of key riding rules:

  • It’s illegal to drink and ride. 
  • A helmet is included with every Beam ride and must be worn on every trip.
  • Put your phone away while riding - Just like when driving a car, it’s illegal to use your phone whilst riding an e-scooter.
  • No tandem riding - Stick to one person on an e-scooter.
  • Park responsibly, with your e-scooter parked kerbside.

Beam’s cognitive-based drink riding deterrence test, ‘Rider Check’, will be rolled out from this weekend in various nightlife areas, designed to deter riders from riding under the influence. 

Between certain hours on Friday and Saturday nights, Beam riders attempting to start a trip will need to complete the Rider Check test designed to test the rider’s cognitive response. The test requires riders to tap either the left or right side of two images displayed on the screen. 

Those who fail the test after three attempts will have their access to starting Beam trips temporarily paused for several hours, and be directed to an alternative method of transportation such as a taxi or rideshare.

Beam’s Darwin Regional Operations Manager, Andrew Dodd said: 

“We’re excited to be bringing our purple fleet to Darwin, and to be building on Darwin’s public transport offering over the next two years.
“We’re committed to investing in the Darwin community, with new technology to improve safety and accessibility of our e-scooters and e-bikes, and new community programs to enable Darwin businesses and community groups to unlock the benefits of shared micromobility. 
“Safety is our first priority, and we are committed to enforcing safe riding, in collaboration with the police.
“We will be introducing our three-strikes policy to Darwin, in addition to technology like our ‘Rider Check’ test to deter improper behaviour.
“We invest in rider education, prevention and deterrence, but above all, even the safest e-scooter requires a safer rider, and we ask that people do the right thing - that means wear a helmet, follow the road rules.” 

City of Darwin Lord Mayor, Kon Vatskalis said:

“We are excited to have Beam operational in the city, providing sustainable and convenient transport options for residents and visitors.
“We know safety is an important element of micromobility, and we are very pleased to see Beam make a commitment to rider safety through their three-strikes policy, designed to enforce safe and responsible riding, as well as the ‘Rider Check’ to deter riding while under the influence of alcohol. 
“I encourage everyone to try one of the electric vehicles on offer, whether it be a traditional scooter, sit down scooter or e-bike, and explore parts of the city that you may not have visited before.
“The provision of electric vehicles around our city supports our Movement Strategy which aims to make it easier for people to move around the city by improving streetscapes, infrastructure and connectivity while helping to reduce the impact of transport on the environment.”

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