After a year of e-scooters, Broome riders are leaving their cars behind

After a year of e-scooters, Broome riders are leaving their cars behind
  • Over 300,000 kilometres ridden on a Beam in Broome, with commuting and visiting local businesses key reasons for travel based on Beam’s annual rider survey
  • Some of the highest uptake of e-scooters by women, with over 54% of riders in Broome identifying as female

[30 April 2024] Australia’s largest shared micromobility company Beam has revealed that over 52 tonnes of carbon emissions has been saved by Broome’s Beam riders, with over 300,000 kilometres ridden on a Beam in the past year. The benefits of shared e-scooters in the town can be seen in the results of Beam’s annual rider survey, with just over half (55%) of Broome riders revealing they would have used a car for their trips if e-scooters weren’t available, showing the impact of e-scooters in Broome has had on travel patterns in the first year of shared micromobility being introduced to the town.  

Commuting and local business support key reasons for travel

Broome riders revealed that 7 out of 10 trips on a Beam in Broome result in a purchase at a local business, with 33% of riders saying they use Beams to visit shops and local businesses.To date, $20,252 has been spent by Beam riders per Beam vehicle deployed in Broome  for a total of $7.5 million of economic activity generated by rider spend in Broome. Commuting makes up a significant portion of local travel, with 30% of riders relying on Beams for commuting purposes, whether to work or study. This shows that riders in Broome are using Beams for more than one travel category, with shared micromobility connecting residents to both work and leisure.
76% of riders in the city have also stated they feel safer travelling on e-scooters as opposed to walking at night, particularly those travelling home solo. This echoes similar trends seen in Beam’s other operational cities, where e-scooters are relied upon as a mode of transport for night shift workers. Additional key statistics:

  • 44% of riders in Broome have used their cars less, with access to shared e-scooters
  • The average distance travelled per trip is 2.4 kms, above the Australian average of 2 kms.
  • 40% of riders in Broome are aged 35 and above

Beam’s Regional Operations Manager Andrew Dodd, said:

“In just a year, residents of Broome have grown to rely on e-scooters, not just for leisure but for their work and study commutes, running errands and day-to-day life.

“We’re seeing really positive rider feedback on how they’re being utilised, with riders revealing that they use their cars less now, showing the benefits of e-scooters in encouraging modal shift away from cars.

“We’re also pleased to see a growing reliance on shared micromobility as a safe mode of transport, particularly at night, and particularly by women.

“We look forward to continuing to support both the local Broome community and visitors to Broome with a safe, affordable and sustainable micromobility service.”

Beam’s flagship rider education and enforcement program, the Beam Safe Academy, is in place 24/7, including:

  • A pre-trip in-app safety briefing for every rider, featuring instructions on how to park and ride safely
  • An in-app Beam Safety Quiz educating riders on the riding rules, with free credits offered to encourage rider education
  • A three-strikes policy, with riders facing suspension for bad riding and parking offences. Those caught riding dangerously or breaking the law face permanent bans.

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