Terms and Conditions

#BeamForAll Australia and New Zealand

August 27, 2023
  • What is ‘Beam4All’: Our ‘Beam4All’ program (“Program”) entitles those of our customers in Australia and New Zealand who hold certain types of concession cards, as specified by us from time to time (“Concession Cards”) to discounted pricing on some of Beam’s offerings in certain cities in  Australia and New Zealand (the specific cities, discount percentages, and maximum spend limits being as communicated by us from time to time).
  • Eligibility: To be eligible for participation in the Program, you need to be a Beam customer; apply therefor via our Program application form; and verify to our satisfaction that you hold a valid Concession Card. If you cease to hold a valid Concession Card, your eligibility for the Program ceases too.
  • Restrictions: As a Program participant, you are entitled to discounted pricing, but only you personally may benefit therefrom. As per our standard Terms of Service, you may not allow anyone else to use your Beam account and/or otherwise benefit from the discounted pricing available to you.
  • Disqualification: You cease to be eligible for the Program (and Beam may terminate your participation accordingly) if your submitted Concession Card expires or is otherwise cancelled (and you do not re-apply to us, submitting proof of holding another valid Concession Card), or if you contravene these Program T&Cs or our Terms of Service more generally (including if we reasonably suspect that your application and/or participation was in error or fraudulent).
  • Changes to Program: We may change or terminate the Program, including by amending these T&Cs therefor, at any time for any reason without liability, provided that then-active Program participants will be given reasonable advance written notice thereof.
  • More about us: We are Beam Mobility Australia Pty Ltd (ACN 629 999 533) and Beam Mobility New Zealand Ltd (NZBN 94 290 471 57651). See www.ridebeam.com.