Terms and Conditions

#BeamForBusiness Australia and New Zealand

July 25, 2023

Terms & Conditions for ‘Beam for Business’ Launch Promo ("the Promo")

1 : Who we are
: This Promo is conducted by each of Beam Mobility Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 62 629 999 533) and Beam Mobility New Zealand (NZBN 94 290 471 57651) in Australia and New Zealand respectively (each “Beam”, “us”, “we” or “our”) in relation to our micro mobility service (“Service”) provided via our ‘Beam’ mobile application (“App”)

2 : What is ‘Beam for Business’: Beam for Business is our new Service-related corporate offering in terms of which the corporate is able to subsidise its staff’s use of the Service (in line with its own internal policies) via ‘business profiles’ given to them within the App. All trips associated with business profiles will be billed to the relevant corporate (“your Employer”).

3 : Promo Period: This Promo runs from 25 July 2023 until 25 September 2023, save that Beam reserves the right to extend the promotion.

4 : Eligibility: This Promo is available to all new or existing Beam customers based in Australia and New Zealand.

5 : How it works:  If during the Promo Period you are get your Australian or New Zealand employer to sign up for our Beam for Business offering for at least 12 months (which means it enters into our standard written contract therefor and it confirms to us in writing that you were the referring employee effectively responsible for it doing so), then

  1. your employer will qualify for a 10% discount on our standard pricing during the first 12 months of its contract with us; and
  2. depending on how many employees your employer enrols into the program, you may be entitled to a certain number of Beam credits (which you can use towards ordinary pay-per-ride trips taken in your personal capacity), as follows:
  • 50-99 employees (Tier 0) - $250 credit, expiring after 6 months
  • 100-499 employees (Tier 1) - $500 credit, expiring after 6 months
  • 500-999 employees (Tier 2) - $1,000 credit, expiring after 6 months
  • 1,000 employees or more (Tier 3) - $2,000 credit, expiring after 12 months

6 : Limitations & Exclusions:  There can only be one referring employee per employer who qualifies for the Beam credits (as mentioned in point 5 above). Should the employer terminate its contract with us prior to the expiry of 12 months or reduce the number of enrolled employees below the relevant Tier during the first 12 months, the referring employee loses his/her entitlement to the Beam credit associated with such Tier (or any then-remaining balance thereof).  

7: Unforeseen events: In the event of unforeseen circumstances or causes beyond our reasonable control, we reserve the right to end the Promo or to alter these Promo T&Cs.