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Beam introduces NZ-first shared seated e-scooters to Auckland

Beam introduces NZ-first shared seated e-scooters to Auckland
  • Beam will bring shared seated e-scooters to Auckland in a New Zealand first
  • 300 seated e-scooters will join Beam’s existing fleet of e-scooters

[9 November 2022] Australia’s largest micromobility company Beam has brought seated e-scooters to Auckland in a New Zealand-first, with 300 shared seated e-scooters available for hire across the city from today.

Designed with the same safety features as Beam’s ‘L-shaped’ standing e-scooters, including triple brakes, phone holders, a bluetooth helmet lock and dual front-suspension, they offer a practical choice to those who find standing e-scooters and pedal assist e-bikes challenging for use, or those travelling longer distances. 

The seated e-scooters can be rented through Beam’s app-based service, featuring the same affordable rates as Beam’s purple e-scooters. 

“We’re committed to constantly innovating and bringing the latest technology and hardware to our operations across the country,”

said Beam’s Auckland Operations Manager Matias Roque.

“Auckland has experienced great success with shared micromobility, which has become a preferred means of transportation for residents and visitors, and seen over 3 million kilometres ridden on Beams across Auckland to date.
“However, they have not been accessible to all members of the local community, which is a gap we are looking to address with the launch of seated e-scooters across the city.
“Our data from the introduction of seated e-scooters in cities across Australia shows a 30% increase in average trip distances on a seated e-scooter.
“This shows they open up the ability to ride across longer distances, with a more comfortable seated position encouraging increased modal shift away from cars.
“Our goal is to bring safe, sustainable and equitable transportation to as many residents as possible, and we look forward to seeing the local communities embrace this new mode of transportation.”

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