How To Beam

Don't just get there. Beam there.

Find A Beam

Download our app to see where your nearest Beam can be found.

Beam App

Get Ready

Place both feet on the board.

Beam Scooter Foot Placement

Kick to Start

Kick-off to get your Beam moving, then press down on GO.

Beam Scooter How To Start

Ride by the Rules

Only ride on shared paths and marked bike paths. Not the road.

Beam Scooter Where To Ride

Use those Brakes

Beams have two; the lever on the left of the handlebars, and the footbrake over the back wheel.

Beam Scooter Break

Park Well

Always park your Beam in a visible public place so the next rider can find it easily, and don't obstruct the pavement.

Beam escooter parking