Introduction to Discounted Rides

What is Discounted Rides mode?

‘Discounted Rides’ is a new feature offering reduced prices on some of the Beams in your area. 

To access the ride discount, ensure the toggle is switched to ‘Discounted Rides’ before scanning the Beam’s QR code. Discounted rides are only valid on specific Beam vehicles, which will be clearly marked on the ride map.

Why are Discounted Rides in place?

You may see the ‘Discounted Rides’ toggle in your app as part of a new feature trial to make Beams more accessible to all who live, work and play in your city. 

By adjusting our pricing, we hope to enable a larger number of residents and visitors to rely on e-scooters as a regular mode of transport.

How are Discounted Rides applied?

The percentage discount will be applied on your entire trip fare (including the $1 unlock fee) at the end of your ride.