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How to use

How do I start my ride?

New to Beam ? Follow these 7 steps and you'll be on your way in less than a minute!

How to get started...

1. Download the 'Beam Escooter' app from the Apple App Store / Play Store and verify your mobile phone number.

2. Register your payment method. And ensure your Bluetooth is turned on.

3. Select "ride" and scan the QR code on the scooter handlebar to unlock the scooter, or select the '<>' icon in the app and enter the 5 digit code.

4. Push off to get it moving, then press the "GO" button to start riding. If you want to slow down, pull firmly on the brake levers on the handlebars. Please do NOT try and slow down by pushing down on the rear mudguard of the scooters with your foot - that will damage the scooter and could cause you to lose control.

5. Refer to the "Operating Zone" marked on the map in the app, to see where you can ride. Please do not ride a scooter outside of this marked area. Note that there are also zones marked in yellow which are "Slow Zones", where the top speed of the scooter will automatically be reduced for safety reasons. There are also zones coloured red within the operating zone, that are either "No Go Zones" or "No Parking Zones". Please avoid these zones. The scooter will automatically end if you enter a "No Go Zone", and you will be unable to end a trip in a "No Parking Zone".

6. Park the scooter safely where it will not interfere with driving, traffic, pedestrian walkways and fire hydrants.

7. To end your ride click on the end ride button at the bottom of your screen.


How do I stay safe when riding Beam?

The Beam Saturn is designed to be as safe as possible, but there are some important rules to follow to ensure you stay safe when riding:

1. Do not ride Beam after drinking.
2. Do not ride on wet surfaces.
3. Only one person at a time can ride a Beam scooter.
4. Please obey the traffic laws.

What should I do in case of an emergency?

In the event of an emergency and you require urgent medical attention, please call emergency services immediately on '000' before contacting us. Once you are in a safe place, please contact our Customer Service Team on 5104 3353 who will provide further support and guidance.

Am I covered by insurance?

Beam provides personal accident insurance for all registered riders, provided the rider adheres to the relevant legislation governing e-scooters (e.g. minimum age requirement). If you have been in an accident, please contact Customer Support as soon as possible.

How old do you have to be to ride a scooter?

The minimum age required to ride an e-scooter is 16 years old. Children who are 12+ may ride if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Sign up

What is the sign up process?

After downloading the Beam E-Scooter app from the App Store/Play Store, you can proceed with the registration process in the following order: mobile phone authentication, personal information registration, and privacy agreement.


How do I contact Beam's Support Team?

For general inquiries you can contact our support team through the Help button on the main menu.

For enquiries regarding specific trips please do the following.
1. Enter "Trip History" in the main app menu.
2. Select the ride you have a dispute or question regarding.
3. Click on "Contact Support" in the bottom right hand of that ride screen.

You may also contact support by clicking on the question mark icon shown on the right hand of the map screen.

If you need to speak to us, please call 5104 3353.

When is Beam available?

Beam operates every day of the week, 24 hours a day.

Where is Beam available?

Beam services are available in North Canberra, South Canberra and Belconnen. Please check the map in the app to see the full extent of our Operating Zone. Please note that you will be unable to start a ride outside of our Operating Zone.

Can I rent two or more vehicles?

Yes, the Group Rides feature allows you to rent up to five additional vehicles using one account. Simply tap the "Group Ride" button on the map page to get started.

Can two of us ride a scooter at the same time?

Two riders on the same scooter is definitely a bad idea. Beams are made for one. One of the great benefits of riding a Beam is that you are automatically covered for personal accident insurance with every ride, but that insurance will be void if more than one person rides the same scooter at the same time. So please don't.

What is the maximum weight a scooter can hold?

The advisable maximum weight a Beam scooter can hold is 100kgs.

Can I keep Beam in my house?

It's great that you love Beam that much, but Beam e-scooters are made for sharing and they get lonely otherwise. So please don't keep a Beam at your house as it prevents other riders from having access to it. Beam also reserves the right to retrieve our scooter if it is kept by a user for private use, and involve the authorities if necessary.

Can I get a scooter moved if it's an obstruction?

We don't like our scooters being in anyone's way so please let us know if you see one causing an obstruction. Contact our support team through the "Help" button on the main menu of the app, or by clicking on the question mark icon shown on the right hand of the map screen.

Pricing and Payment

How much does Beam charge?

There is $1 unlock fee at the start of your ride, and then it costs $0.45 for every minute that you ride. These are subject to change.

How do I pay?

Currently supported payment methods are debit/credit cards and, when available, promotional Beam credit packs which you may purchase with your debit/credit card through the Beam app (in the section labelled "Payment & Credit" on main menu of app).

Other payment issues that arise can be caused by an outdated app version. To avoid these issues always make sure to update your Beam app as soon as a new update is available.

How do I register a payment method?

You can register and update your payment method on the 'Payment & Credit' tab in the app menu. The payment methods we currently support include most debit/credit cards.

Where can I check my credits?

Your Beam credits can be found in the 'Payment & Credit' tab of the app's main menu.

What if I have an outstanding balance?

If you have an outstanding balance, you will be restricted from using the scooter. Please update your payment method by following these steps:
1. Select 'Billing' from the menu on the top left.
2. Add a "payment method."
3. Relaunch the app.
4. The scooter can be used once the payment method and outstanding balance payment are completed.

Can I get a receipt for my trip?

No problem.

1. Enter "Trip History" in the main app menu.
2. Select the ride you need a receipt for.
3. Click on "Contact Support" in the bottom right hand of that ride screen.
4. Write a short message explaining that you need a receipt for that trip.

We'll send you the receipt as soon as we can. You may also contact support by clicking on the question mark icon shown on the right hand of the map screen.

End trip

Where can I park?

If you park in one of the many designed Beam parking spots, you will earn $0.50 credit for your next ride.

These are marked with a 'P' icon in the Beam app. We do not charge parking fines for parking outside these areas. If you are unable to park in a Beam parking spot, please ensure you park your scooter safely in an area where other riders can easily find and use it. Also, please refrain from parking in a way that might obstruct traffic, pedestrians or access to fire hydrants.

I'm having issues ending my trip what do I do?

If you'd like to report an end trip issue, please follow these steps to submit your question:

1. Enter the menu on the top left of the app.
2. Select the 'Trip History' menu and select the ride you had an issue with.
3. Tap 'Contact Support' on the bottom right hand side of the screen, and write a message in the box, describing the problem you had. We will reply as soon as we can.

During trip

What do I do if I ride a damaged scooter?

If you notice a broken scooter before you start a ride, or have mechanical issues with a scooter during your ride, please report the malfunction to us by doing the following...

1. Enter the main menu (by clicking on the three lines in the top left corner of the app).
2. Select "Trip History" and find the trip where the scooter malfunctioned. Click on the trip.
3. Tap on the "Contact Support" on the bottom right hand of that trip screen to explain the issue and request a refund. Please do provide as much detail as possible, so we can ensure we make it right for you.

Can I lock the scooter I am riding so I can ride it again later?

Yes, you can pause during a ride by clicking on the padlock icon (to be found on the bottom right hand corner of the map screen) after your ride has started. Please note that although the scooter is locked for this period of pause, you will still be charged the standard per-minute fee.

What happens if I get into an accident whilst riding Beam?

If you need to see a doctor due to injuries sustained as a result of an accident please do get the required treatment first and ensure you are safe and cared for before submitting a report to Beam. After you have received treatment. please submit a message to us with details about the incident through the "Help" section that you can find in the main menu of the app.

Is there anywhere that I shouldn't ride?

Please note that there are restricted areas where Beam doesn't operate for safety reasons.

These are marked as 'No Riding Zone' on the map in the Beam app. Riding in these areas will cause your scooter to slow down and lock. If you happen to enter these areas accidentally, be sure to click on the unlock icon and ride out of the area.

Terms and conditions

Are there any terms and conditions to using Beam?

You may find a detailed list of the terms and conditions of using Beam scooters at the link here:

Personal information

How do I delete my Beam account?

Please contact our customer support team in order to have your Beam account deleted.
You may do so by:

1. Selecting the question mark on the Beam map


2. Selecting the "Help" tab in the main menu of the app

Both options will open a message box that you can contact us through. In that message, tell us the phone number and email you registered with, to make the process as straightforward as possible.

Can I update my email address registered on the Beam app?

Yes, you can update your email address by navigating to the app menu, select the white 'cog' icon and tap your name. From here, overwrite your current registered email address and tap "Save".

Group Rides

How do I use Group Rides?

The Group Rides feature allows you to ride with friends and family using a single account. To start a Group Ride:

1. Tap the "Group Ride" button on the map page.

2. You will be prompted to add the name and email address of your first guest. You can add up to four additional guests by tapping the "Add guest rider" button.

3. Once you have finished adding guests, tap the "Unlock" button beside each name and scan the QR code on each vehicle to unlock both the vehicle and the helmet for your guest(s).

4. When complete, tap "Continue to Trip" to start the Group Ride.

5. To end the Group Ride, click on the "End Trip for All" button at the bottom of your screen. Be sure that all vehicles are parked safely where they will not interfere with driving, traffic, pedestrian walkways and fire hydrants. All ride fees, parking fees and credits will be summed up and applied to you as the main account holder.

How many vehicles can I hire on one account?

You are able to add five guests as part of a single Group Ride in addition to yourself as the main account holder.

Group Rides isn’t showing as an option in my Beam app. How do I get it?

Please download the latest version of the Beam app via your app store to enable Group Rides.

Can I unlock multiple helmets when using Group Rides?

Yes, every Beam vehicle comes with its own helmet.

Student Pass

Are there any terms and conditions for the Student Pass? (available in Adelaide and Wellington)

You must be a current student from a recognised tertiary educational institution.

How can I access the discounted Student Pass?

Simply sign up to Beam with your University email, then choose the Pass you would like to purchase.

My tertiary educational institution is not enrolled to receive the discount, how can I enrol?

To request to have your tertiary educational institution enrolled for discount Student Passes, please contact our Support Team directly via the Help button on the main menu.

Universal Passes

Why did I get a recurring charge on my credit/debit card?

Passes are auto-renewing. If you would like to cancel your Pass, select "See Details" within "Universal Pass" in the main menu. From here, select "Cancel my Subscription".

How do I request a refund for a Pass?

If you would like to request a refund for a Pass, please contact our Support Team via the Help option in the main menu.

How do I cancel a Pass?

If you would like to cancel your Pass, select "See Details" within the "Universal Pass" option in the main menu. From here, select "Cancel my Subscription".

Can I use my Pass for a Group Ride?

Yes, you can use your Pass for a Group Ride, however only the host of the trip will receive the Pass benefits. Any additional riders will be charged at the regular price.

How is my daily usage calculated?

Your daily usage is calculated from when you start your trip, to when your trip ends. Please note that the usage is calculated based on the day that you end your trip, not the day you start your trip.

When does my Universal Pass start and end?

A Pass begins as soon as you have purchased it, and expires at the same time of purchase on your Pass end date.

I bought a Pass at 11:00 pm, does it count as Pass Day 1 after 11:59 pm?

Yes, it will be counted as the first day of your Pass. We recommend that you purchase your Pass at the beginning of the day to maximise the value.

Am I able to purchase a Pass using my Beam credits?

Unfortunately, you are not able to purchase a Pass with Beam credits. Passes can be purchased with debit and credit cards.

Am I able to use my Pass in other cities?

Currently you are only able to use your Pass in the city in which you purchased it.

Why can't I see my Pass?

You will only be able to view your Pass where the Pass is valid. For example, if you have exhausted your daily usage allowance, the Pass will not be visible again until it refreshes the next day. Or if you are viewing the Beam app in a different city to where you purchased your Pass.

Why am I seeing a different Pass to my friend?

As we are always releasing new and exciting promotions to our customers, this will sometimes mean you might see a different offer to others around you.