Commitment To Cities

The way people move is changing. Cities across Asia are being inundated with new forms of transportation. Shared cars, shared bikes, on-demand bus services, and electric scooters are just a few of the options now available to the growing population of urbanites.

These new options bring with them an unprecedented number of transportation opportunities. At the same time, they are changing the landscape of the cities they are trying to support.

As mobility evolves, so must the public policy frameworks in place to support them.

At Beam, we are committed to working with governments of all level to ensure that providing greater mobility options will play an important role in creating the great cities of tomorrow.

How We Will Work With Cities

Beam will engage with governments on a proactive basis to create real partnerships that help grow the Asian cities of the future.

Beam escooter
Beam Vehicles

We will work to track, charge and redistribute our vehicles ensuring they are deployed in a responsible manner

We will maintain the quality and rideability of our vehicles through regular maintenance and upkeep

Beam Data
Beam Data

We will track, store and maintain our data in a secure and responsible manner

We will share our data with governments to build and improve transportation infrastructure

Beam fleet
Beam Fleet

We will grow our fleet in a responsible manner by providing vehicles to meet the demand for greater mobility

We will not “dump vehicles” in cities for the sake of gaining market share

Beam Government
Beam Contributions

Every city has its unique needs.

We are committed to collaborate with governments to co-design and contribute towards a mobility framework that will work for your city.

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