Our Commitment
To Cities

As urban populations grow, the opportunities for governments to reshape transportation for their cities have never been more exciting. Even a little daunting.

At Beam we are fully committed to working in partnership with governments at all levels to help make city life flow better for everyone.

Illustration of rider attending BSA (Beam Safe Academy)

Put safety first.

We’re in the business of making the lives of city dwellers better, not risking them.

To us, safety is more than ensuring a rider has a functioning vehicle that meets safety requirements. We work hard to ensure every Beam user is always mindful of the riding environment, operates their vehicle under control at all times, and uses a city’s shared spaces well.

Using a combination of hardware, software, and real world education, we seek to make cities safer - and more enjoyable - for all. Beam is the only operator in APAC with a real-word e-scooter training program, which we run regularly in all cities we operate in.

illustration of parking spots

Virtual Docking for cleaner streets.

At Beam, we believe that the future of micromobility is docked rather than dockless. But a docked system does not require hardware racks fitted on pavements.

Fixed parking docks can be created virtually, using technology and GPS to direct riders to appropriate parking spots through a combination of guidance and incentives.

illustration of riding with #BeamForAll

Bring affordable transportation to all residents.

Our #BeamForAll program allows us to tailor our prices to ensure more equitable access to transportation services. We offer #BeamForAll to all cities we operate in, to benefit lower-income communities and those experiencing financial hardship.

illustration of beam interact with cities

Increase tourism vitality.

Many research studies have found that visitors who use e-scooters see more local attractions and spend more money, making them an attractive value add for cities.

With Beam e-scooters, riders can move greater distances, interact with the cities more freely, and participate in more of the wonderful experiences your region has to offer.

illustration of Beam's Booster

Boost local businesses.

We have developed a unique program designed to assist local shops, restaurants and cafes in the cities where we operate. Beam’s Booster platform utilises a blend of GPS-technology, in-app notifications and partner incentives to help stimulate economic activity at the local community level. Better still, it’s free for businesses to participate in.

Read more here.

illustration of carbon footprint

Assist with your carbon footprint.

In Asia-Pacific, we are the only e-mobility operator to be Climate Neutral Certified. All trips on Beams are hence carbon-free, contributing nothing to a city's carbon emissions and assisting with modal shift towards an environmentally-friendly future. Beam has recently announced a pledge to go Carbon Negative by 2025.

Read more here.

illustration of data sharing

Data Sharing.

We believe it is important that data can be put to work to maximise the positive impact for our partner cities and ensure this is done in a way which complies with local laws and our own policies.

Beam has the capabilities to track and analyse thousands of metrics, which are used by both Beam and the cities we operate in to improve safety for both riders and the community, understand the demand for micromobility, and form mobility and future city-planning and infrastructure development insights.

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