Here at Beam, our mission is simple: to turn little drives into better rides, and make cities flow better for everyone. We also feel strongly about being kinder to the planet. Because of this, we’ve been Certified Climate Neutral since 2019.

Looking for our creds? Here they are

In 2021, we offset 18,103 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

In 2022, we’ve gone further by signing up to implementing a Reduction Action Plan to reduce emissions from within our operations and supply chain.

We’re pledging to be Carbon Negative by 2025

What does this mean? 
There is no agreed-upon definition for what it means to be 'Carbon Negative', but we’re working on it. Here at Beam, it means we aim to give more to the planet than we’re taking away, and actively work on reducing the size of the carbon footprint we offset, and measuring it all as we go along. 

In the next four years, we will:

  • Invest in identifying a global standard for measuring the positive carbon impact of modal transfer
  • Measure and report on the carbon impact of modal shifts from cars and other carbon-emitting transport to e-scooters and e-bikes 
  • Invest in new technology to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels in day-to-day operations
  • Only use 100% certified renewable energy sources in our operations, where such sources exist in the cities we operate
  • Release a roadmap on how our fellow mobility companies can come along on the Carbon Negative journey

We are committed to learning more about how we can become Carbon Negative, and partnering with like-minded organisations and individuals in our journey. Because we believe in sustainability being a journey, not a destination. 

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Utilise public transport

Cities have been investing heavily in increased transport connectivity, as population continues to increase. Micromobility serve to assist first and last mile travel to and from train stations and busses. It’s never been easier to get from A to B without using a car OR needing to buy an alternative form of transport. Switching from cars to public transport also goes a long way to save on carbon emissions. Take advantage, and hop aboard.


A wise person once said, “These boots are made for walking. Whilst walking long distances may not suit everyone, there are myriad health benefits to getting out and stretching our legs. In addition to reducing stress, relieving anxiety and being a great form of exercise, walking is also (almost) carbon-free! In fact, one study found that walking 2.4 kilometres would release 75% less greenhouse gases than we would produce from driving the same distance.

Get on your

Purchases of bicycles, e-scooters and other forms of active and eco-friendly transport have spiked, with the pandemic resulting in Aussies investing in socially distanced ways of travelling and a fun outdoor activity during lockdowns and COVID-19 restrictions.  Even as cities reach COVID normal, there’s no reason to leave the bike gathering dust. Cycling and scooting to work are great ways to get some incidental exercise, enjoy the city AND get to where you’re going.

Utilise or advocate for
facilities at work 

The majority of Beam riders utilise shared e-scooters for commuting purposes, showing that many Aussies are seeking affordable alternatives to cars. Check if your workplace has ‘end of trip facilities’ such as showers, lockers or bicycle storage that can make active transport an easy alternative to driving. If this is not something your workplace offers, maybe it’s something you can ask for. If all else fails, designate an area of the office as Bicycle Parking and start making active commuting the new normal for your workplace.