Beam x foodpanda Press Release

Beam Partners with foodpanda to bring in greater delivery options

Singapore, 6 March 2019 – Beam, a Singapore-based startup bringing innovation to the personal mobility sharing space, is partnering with leading meal delivery service foodpanda to offer more food delivery transportation options for its riders.

Beam will be providing twenty of its e-scooters during a three-month trial phase for foodpanda’s delivery riders to use, in order to equip the service and its team members with greater access to delivery options. Since its launch almost seven years ago, foodpanda has established itself as Singapore’s leading food delivery service and currently works with over 6,000 riders.

Beam’s e-scooters are fully registered with Singapore’s Land Transport Authority and the powerful and efficient eScooters all conform to the updated fire safety standard (UL2272) that will go into effect in 2021.

The twenty e-scooters will be housed and charged at a central location on a daily basis by trained foodpanda staff. Beam will monitor and maintain the quality and rideability of the vehicles through regular maintenance and upkeep.

During the trial phase, foodpanda’s riders will use a code exclusive to foodpanda in order to unlock and ride the Beam eScooters. Whilst the rider collects the food, they have the unique ability to lock the e-scooter via a button, and then unlock it once they have the meal to be delivered and are ready to set off. After the delivery rider has completed their shift, the rider will return the e-scooter to foodpanda’s delivery hub in order to park the vehicle and end the trip, ensuring that the scooters are conveniently organised and stored in a way that does not disrupt other traffic or pedestrians.

“Working together, Beam and foodpanda will give riders new ways to provide their services, and customers will ultimately get their food faster and more efficiently,” said Mark Inkster, Chief Business Officer for Beam.

“We are very excited to partner with Beam and through this partnership, we will be able to give our riders quick, easy and on-the-spot access to e-scooter vehicles. foodpanda is dedicated to providing our riders with the most efficient and innovative methods of delivery to optimise their operations. This is also in line with our sustainability movement and the use of non-motorised vehicles to reduce our carbon footprint,” said Luc Andreani, Managing Director for foodpanda Singapore.

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