We’re surprised to see just how many people are up and about on a Sunday morning. So many in fact that when we arrive at My Kingdom for a Horse, we’re asked if we have a booking… word has spread about this Wright Street establishment and, as we discover, for good reason.

We sit down looking out onto the street and the few tables that line the pavement. At one table sits the owner of an adorable dog who is not only enjoying delicious food scraps but plenty of pats and coos as people walk by. The atmosphere inside MKFAH is just as civilised with soothing tunes accompanied by light and cheery chatter and the clatter of knives and forks. 

MKFAH’s food menu is half-filled with brekky offerings and the other half lunchtime salads, tacos and the polenta slice called Traffic Stopper. We’re here for breakfast and so choose from granola, avo smash, the Full Kingdom (poached eggs, bacon, spinach, mushrooms) and our choice, Shakshouka, an Israeli breakfast with baked eggs in a rich, spicy tomato sauce served with chargrilled flatbread with optional feta and chorizo.

Served in a cast iron dish with handles, the Shakshouka is a hearty breakfast but not of the fatty variety. It’s a comforting and warming blend of herbs and spicy tomato with eggs sitting on the top that produce a satisfying runniness when poked. Served with plenty of flatbread, it’s one of those meals where you find yourself mopping up every last drop and running the bread around corners in the hope that you might find just one tiny bit more. 

We also had a coffee, the beans roasted on the premises no less. My Kingdom for a Horse takes its caffeine seriously, changing beans depending on what’s available and fresh. Other drink options include smoothies, juice and tea. 

Our advice? Join the pack and ride on over to MKFAH.

My Kingdom for a Horse

191 Wright St, Adelaide SA 5000

(08) 8410 7408


Opening hours: 

Monday – Friday 7am – 4pm

Saturday and Sunday 8am – 4pm

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