Before you experience bubble tea for the first time, you’re likely to have some questions.

Why is it called bubble tea? What are the little balls at the bottom? What does it taste like? Why is it so popular?

But once you’ve tasted it for yourself, those questions no longer matter. All that matters next is where to find the best bubble tea in Auckland and we think we’ve found a contender.

Auckland’s cosmopolitan CBD has always been home to a range of cultures and bubble tea has been a staple for many years. Recently, we checked out Chatime, a regular on lists of Auckland's best bubble tea.

Although we’re far from experts in the art of bubble tea, we can certainly help with some of the questions — although it’s so ubiquitous these days that we doubt many of you haven’t tried it yet.

Essentially, bubble tea is milk tea made from a dark or green tea base flavoured with syrups, sweeteners and tapioca pearls. There’s debate about why it became known as bubble tea, but it’s either because of the foam generated when bubble tea is shaken or from the bubble-like appearance of the tapioca pearls.

The trick to ordering bubble tea is striking the balance between strong base flavours, the right amount of sweetness and fun toppings. We chose a caramel tea with 25% sweetness and pearls, and passionfruit tea with rainbow jelly.  

We probably missed a trick by not trying Chatime’s mousse and pudding toppings, but we were still incredibly impressed by the two teas we tried. Both of our teas were strong in flavour, generous in size, packed full of pearls and deliciously refreshing.

There are more than 80 options on the Chatime menu including milk teas, frozen teas, tea lattes and fruit teas. So, there’s plenty of reasons to keep coming back.There’s even a small food menu of chicken and fries if you want a picnic at nearby Albert Park, Myers Park or Silo Park.

Whether you’re new to bubble tea or a seasoned pro, Chatime is well worth a visit.There’s enough variety to keep experienced drinkers happy and an easy ordering process for you newbies with all the questions.





11/350 Queen Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010

Mon – Sun 11am - 10pm

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