You have to feel sorry for shopping centres, malls and inner-city shopping precincts at the moment. With off-and-on lockdowns, restrictions on guest numbers and consumer indifference to eating out, it’s a tough gig.

It’s especially tough for ambitious venues atNewmarket’s newly renovated Westfield mall, who instead of enjoying a sales boom on the back of the mall’s incredible new facilities and flagship shops, have struggled for business.

It’s one of the reasons we chose to eat at Bodrum this week. We supported a local venue who’s doing it tough and got a good look at the new mall. Selfishly, it was the perfect time to visit.

The service was elevated, the food came out quickly and with just a smattering of other diners, it was peaceful and intimate.(Again, it’s probably always a delight to eat here on account of the incredible décor full of character-filled dining nooks and giant blossom trees).

Bodrum is an all-day eatery that specialises in Greek and Turkish cuisine. The menu is filled with Mediterranean classics that you’d expect such as souvlaki, doner, menemen and mezze and the drinks menu is an absolute treat.

We chose the Jordanian lamb doner with Iskender lamb, hummus, tomato salsa, toasted almonds, feta crumbs and flatbread. It was an upmarket kebab with punchy flavours and tender doner meat. We also tried the Halloumi souvlaki wrap. This was by far the biggest souvlaki we’d ever seen; filled with mixed greens, tzatziki, hummus and tabouli, it was superb.

Turkish coffee and a classic lemon, lime and bitters washed down the excellent meals, and we ended up staying well past our welcome in complete comfort and content.

Bodrum is a cosy, neighbourhood Mediterranean restaurant that is beautifully decorated, staffed by hospitality experts and with enough variety on their menu to satisfy everyone.

We think it’s the perfect place to support during lockdowns and beyond.





Level4m, Westfield Newmarket, 309 Broadway, Auckland

Mon – Thu 11am - 9 pm

Friday – Sunday 9 am - 10pm


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