An Open Letter to Adelaide

To the people of Adelaide,

I’m very excited to bring the Beam e-scooter sharing service to you starting this week.

I’d like to give a huge thanks to the Adelaide City Council for running a fair and competitive tender process, with safe e-scooter rides at the forefront of the assessment criteria.

A safe ride + fulfilling all local requirements

Our whole team has worked hard to fulfill all the criteria of the ACC EOI, including:

  • We agree that there are times when slowing an e-scooter to a stop for safety and compliance is required.  Beam accomplishes this by gradually rolling the e-scooter to a stop, with no sudden braking
  • We have always promoted the idea that e-scooter speed should be controlled. So we are setting 15 kmph as the normal operating speed.  Beam accomplishes this with gradual acceleration and deceleration, with no jerky movements.
  • Changing the way that e-scooters are parked is a key component to ensuring city amenity. We will be introducing parking incentives that give rider credits for ending trips in specific areas.

Dual Braking system

Our custom Ninebot Sharing e-scooter features dual braking systems - a front electric brake and a back foot brake.  I am personally a big fan of the back brake, because of the reliability and control you have to bring the scooter to a stop quickly.

A new operator, with an experienced team

Adelaide is Beam’s first Australian city.  We’re excited to have the chance to show you what benefits a safe, affordable, and convenient escooter sharing service can bring to the city.  Our team consists of experienced operators and engineers from companies, including Uber, Grab, Gojek, ofo, Mobike, Deliveroo, and Facebook.  We’re excited to bring on Lachlan Cooper as the Head of South Australia for Beam.  He was previously the Head of South Australia for Uber, and grew the Uber business in Adelaide from zero to where it is today.

New jobs and income opportunities

Our team is growing. Immediately after being awarded the license to operate for six-months we increased the pace of our hiring. We’re hiring for full-time operations team members - if you’re interested, please visit our website

We’re also hiring for chargers and marshals to help us manage the fleet.  If you worked with any other scooter sharing companies before (or even if not), we would love to chat with you.  Please drop us a note at

Committed to Adelaide

In addition to our experienced Australian team, we have also brought in engineers, product managers, and operations specialists from our HQ to ensure a smooth rollout.  We want the first Beam ride in Adelaide to be a great one but as with any new product release, there will be a ramp-up phase and some growing pains - please bear with us as we work the kinks out over the coming weeks.  We will be rolling our scooters out onto the streets gradually, to ensure a consistent level of safety and quality of the Beam service to all users This means a full fleet will be deployed onto the streets of Adelaide within the first month.

My personal promise to you is that our team will work tirelessly to bring you the best e-scooter sharing service you’ve ever had.  If you have any feedback or suggestions for us, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at  We promise to get back to everyone within 24 hours and we read every comment and piece of feedback you give.

Adelaide - thanks for the opportunity to help your city flow better.  We won’t let you down!

Beam On

Alan Jiang

CEO @ Beam

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